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Jim Calaway, a renowned Carbondale business mogul, does not shy away from credit for the millions of dollars he’s poured into the Roaring Fork Valley’s nonprofits and charities.

He’s the first to tell you that he amassed incredible wealth over his lifetime. And he’s the first to say that he didn’t find purpose for it until he started giving it all away.

The son of poor tenant farmers in a small Texas town, he was the first in his family to attend college. After high school, with $1,000 that he’d saved up in his pocket, he jumped on a Greyhound bus bound for the University of Texas.
Habitat For Humanity’s ReStore is accustomed to reaping large donations of furniture, electronics and such when Aspen-area hotels decide to remodel.

But the Roaring Fork chapter’s stores in Basalt and Glenwood Springs have never seen anything quite like the estate belongings that were donated in late April.

The latest bounty features promotional still photos from blockbuster movies, Indian artifacts, a Steinway piano valued at $45,000, high-end Stickley chairs and loads of hand-carved, U.S. Western-themed furniture.

The items come from the former estate of Hollywood movie chief and independent producer Peter Guber. A woman who bought his Mandalay Ranch some years ago has donated more than 500 items from Guber’s former estate, according to Scott Gilbert, president of Habitat For Humanity Roaring Fork. More items are coming from the home theater and bedrooms. The donor wants to be anonymous.
Thank you for the wonderful Earth Day-themed front-page article about the need to spare the landfill, as it is filling up quickly. As Jason Auslander stated, “The biggest source of solid waste is construction and demolition waste.”

At Habitat for Humanity, we’d like to encourage people not to wait for legislation or policy changes to extend the life of our landfills. Everyone can help our community improve sustainability (and build affordable housing simultaneously), as many have already with donations to Habitat‘s ReStores. In the eight years since our ReStores have been in the valley, we’ve already diverted over 1 million pounds of waste from the landfill.