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Selling your home? Real Estate Agent?   There’s a way to sell homes for more money… and faster

We know. It sounds too good to be true. But we have a proven track record.

In the past months, we have had four success stories. For example, a $1.4M home sat empty for a year and then sold to the first person who saw it staged… with furniture and furnishings from our Habitat ReStore. We have also staged a $700,000 home that sold quickly as well as far less expensive condo units, $300 condos that sold within two weeks, staged, and on the market.  

This home sold to the first person to see it, one day after it was staged with our furniture.

Marjon Huibers

 Utilizing local interior designer, Habitat ReStore staffer, Marjon, and Habitat’s extensive collection of diverse furniture and furnishings, you can significantly improve the marketability of a home. It is EASY and virtually turn-key… Habitat does all of the work! Marjon will set up an appointment to visit your home. She will create and approve a design plan with you. Next, she’ll select the furniture, art, etc from the ReStores. Our staff then helps to install furnishings. And as a wonderful bonus, the costs are extremely low to rent the furniture and to utilize our staging services.

An added benefit / convenience for buyers (who tend to fall in love with a home and its furnishings) is they can buy the furniture and home accessories, which can make the transition to home easier and more attractive (at greatly discounted prices… enabling them to have more funds to offer the seller!)

Call for a free estimate, appointment, or more information: Marjon 948-4442.

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See the difference. Your home should tell a story. 
What’s it like to live here? Vacant homes have nothing to say!

Highlight your home’s strengths and appeal to the to the greatest possible pool of prospective buyers with a partnership with our local ReStore.

We all know a staged home sells way faster than an empty one. And we know how stressful it can be selling your home. Let us make it easier for you- a win/win for all!