Donation Types & Tax Deductions

Three Types of ReStore Donations

For furniture and furnishings, home remodels, and home salvage donations


demos-remodel_featuredimageWhy Donate to Habitat ReStores?

By utilizing Habitat for Humanity of the Roaring Fork Valley’s (HFH RFV) salvage program, you create a win/win/win/win for you and the community:

  1. Donors can receive a tax deduction (especially BIG in the case of a home remodel/demo)*
    1. See our “Tax Deduction” PDF below
  2. Items are reused and are treasured by our shoppers at our ReStore
  3. The landfill is spared (and you will save on disposal fees!)
  4. Habitat generates funds to build homes for local families in need

There are three types of donations:

  1. Loose furniture and housewares                   
  2. Building materials removed before a remodel project (i.e. kitchen cabinets, appliances)
  3. Total salvage of building materials before demolition of home (i.e. building structure, windows, doors)


I. Loose furniture / unattached home furnishings / housewares

If you’re looking to donate your furniture (or other items that are not “attached”) you may:

  1. Drop off your items to the store, our ReStores are open 7 days a week.
  2. Request a free donation pick-up!  We’ll come to your home for FREE and pick up your donation.  Call Hector Vazquez at 970-618-1666 to schedule an appointment.

II. Re-model

If you are planning a remodel of your home and would like to donate furniture, as well as items such as appliances and cabinets that require skilled removal, this type of donation typically involves some effort on the part of your contractor to detach the items and have them ready for Habitat to pick-up. If necessary, under certain conditions, we can provide a crew to do light extraction. Call Hector Vazquez at 970-618-1666 to schedule an evaluation of your project.  

III. Demo or salvage

If you are demolishing your home, you can use your contractor for the demo or we can recommend an option, i.e., contractors that specialize in deconstruction and salvage. Call Hector Vazquez at 970-618-1666 to schedule an evaluation of your project.   Please call us early in your project planning as typically there are several pick-ups and contractors to coordinate to meet your demolition and construction schedule.   For example, it may be broken into:

     Pick up 1– for loose items like furniture

     Pick up 2– for extracted items like cabinets, plumbing, and light fixtures

     Pick up 3– for other pick-ups, or your contractor’s delivery, of the bundled structural materials

If you are using your own contractor for demolition, please have them coordinate with us to determine which items Habitat can accept for donation or remove prior to starting their work.  

Often in the case of a full home demolition, Habitat will partner with ReUse People of America, an organization committed to reducing waste who can perform the full structural dismantle / salvage process.  ReUse can take your home down piece-by-piece to salvage as much as possible. They save items such as the studs, roofing materials and where feasible, flooring, exterior doors, windows, etc.  These items can be used to build other homes!

They will come out at no charge and provide a demo estimate as well as a “ballpark” appraisal valuation.  Then, if you wish, they will do the actual work and provide the appraisal. They utilize their own appraiser.  ReUse People focus on the building structural and “attached items”.  A second appraiser will be necessary to evaluate furniture, art, and other loose items.  We recommend Richard Burmood (303-918-6597 OR bouldergallery@msn.com) to perform the appraisal for these items.

Click here to print a PDF version of the above information.

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