7 Community Wins

Habitat ReStores provide numerous wins to our community!

community-win-1Win 1: ReStore proceeds and Habitat donors build homes to benefit local low-income families.

community-win-2Win 2: Over 2,000+ different shoppers annually benefit from our amazing variety of affordable quality home furniture and furnishings.

community-win-3Win 3: ReStore donors receive tax deductions, which are especially significant in cases of complete home demolitions. community-win-4Win 4: Habitat provides employment for full-time and part-time employees. Many employees are the lead breadwinners in their families.
community-win-5Win 5: Habitat ReStores practice “reduce, reuse, recycle”. Thousands of items are reused and recycled by our donors and customers each year.

community-win-6Win 6: Habitat ReStores significantly reduce the burden on Garfield and Pitkin County landfills.

community-win-7Win 7: Habitat frequently donates items to local human service groups to assist people in crisis.