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Basalt Vista

Basalt Vista Housing Partnership to provide affordable homeownership for teachers and other workers.

The wide gap between our high resort area cost of living (especially for housing) and actual wages makes it difficult to recruit and retain teachers, and essential personnel within our community—all who hold jobs that are key to the well-being of our children and community, but cannot afford to live close to where they work. While our local Habitat has been building homes with lower income families for almost 20 years, we have become increasingly aware of the acute need for housing for middle income workers who provide vital services to our community. This need is what brought about an extraordinary collaboration with the Roaring Fork School District, Pitkin County and the Town of Basalt to build the Basalt Vista Housing Partnership—located behind Basalt High School—which will provide 27 affordable homes for teachers and others in our local workforce. Through this effort, we hope to create a model that can be adopted in communities throughout Colorado and across the country.

“We know that the most important factor in educating our children is their teachers. Affordable staff housing in Basalt through this project will help us keep great teachers in our schools.” ROB STEIN, SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS, ROARING FORK SCHOOL DISTRICT RE-1

  • ATTENTION! The Roaring Fork School District is now accepting applications for a 3-Bedroom home within the first Triplex!  Applications will be accepted through Friday, June 21st.  To learn more about the application process or request an application reach out to Megan Kappeli by email at megan@zgrent.com or attend an information session Wednesday, June 19th from 1-3pm at the jobsite trailer behind Basalt High School.  To take a quick look at the floor plan and see if it would be a good fit for your family click here. 

    Applications for Phase II will be available late summer. 

    The first phase of the Basalt Vista Affordable Housing Community will be home to nine families (30 members of our community), including seven teachers and two coaches who are transformational in the lives of our community's children.  While having similarities based on their service to our community's youth, these nine families have differences as well: they include a range of other workers, with workers from Sandy's office supply and City Market, a local landscaper and sous chef, and small business owners.  One couple has lived here 25 years...another joined the Roaring Fork School District less than two years ago. There are Colorado natives and immigrants from South America, who all have a dream of owning a home and providing for their family; whether they are a tight-knit family of six, a young family just beginning with a mom-to-be pregnant with their first child, or a single mom and daughter.  Each has a unique story, and is eager to become part of this collaborative community.

    We urge you to become part of this transformational project and learn more about the people who will be directly impacted. You can hear their stories and see the excitement as their homes turn from a set of plans into a reality. You can work alongside them, as they learn new skills from the Habitat team. And, you'll truly begin to understand why one homeowner-to-be described this opportunity for their family as: "It means EVERYTHING!"




    1. Basalt Vista will provide affordable homeownership-not rentals
    2. 14 homes reserved for the Roaring Fork School District (RFSD) teachers and support staff, 13 for other local workforce working within Pitkin County
    3. Families must have at least one member who works for RFSD or in Pitkin County
    4. Families will be selected by lottery- separately for the RFSD and Pitkin County
    5. Phase I includes: 2-, 3-, and 4- bedroom units (1,1510-1,675 sq ft.)
      1. RFSD: two 2-bedroom, two 3-bedroom, one 4-bedroom, click here for purchase prices and income guidelines.
      2. Pitkin County: two 2-bedroom, one 3-bedroom (accessible), one 4-bedroom, click here for purchase prices and income guidelines.
    6. Homes will be built by Habitat staff, sub-contractors, volunteers and homeowners. Sweat equity down payment opportunity available, click here to learn more.
    7. A $1,000 non-refundable reservation fee will be required from lottery winners at the time the Reservation Agreement is signed, these funds will be transferred to earnest money when the purchase contract is signed.
    8. The first Net Zero community in rural Colorado. Click here to learn more.

    Considering applying for Phase II, before you apply:
    A pre-qualification letter will need to be submitted with your application for both programs, click here for a list of preferred lenders.
    Background checks will be completed for all non-RFSD employees within the household, for all lottery winners.

    Interested in Volunteering? As volunteer opportunities become available we will update our Volunteer page. If you would like to schedule a group or be a regular volunteer on this project please reach out to Amy French, AmyF@HabitatRoaringFork.org.

    Interested in making a Monetary Gift to this Development? We are currently looking for donations to make this development a reality, if you are interested in making a significant, tangible difference within our community please reach out to Scott Gilbert at 948-8264 or ScottG@HabitatRoaringFork.org to learn more about this development and to make a gift. Or click here to donate.

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