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WeBuild Cabinets

Our home in Carbondale is tiny, but it’s not a tiny-home. It’s 500 square feet of thoughtful design and miniaturized appliances and gives a whole new meaning to shared space: the kitchen shares its title with the living room and the dining room and, on good mornings, our own little yoga studio. The dimensions of the space do not allow for a couch, or much storage, or a dining room table, but they do allow for some creativity. That’s when we decided to build in a three-in-one L-shaped cabinet that, at once acts as comfortable couch-style seating, ample storage and some room for our young nephews to have sleepovers.

Lucky for us, the Habitat Roaring Fork Valley ReStore is one of a handful of Colorado Habitat for Humanities that utilizes the WeBuild Custom Cabinetry shop at Crowley County Correctional Facility. The WeBuild program creates opportunities for incarcerated men to learn professional construction trades and be positive contributors to the community and offers folks like us an affordable way to get custom cabinets built that don’t break the bank.


Unpacking the custom cabinets.


This mutually beneficial program allows inmates at the correctional facility to learn construction trades, cabinetry and fine woodworking skills including mastering roof trusses, pre-fab wall-building for Habitat for Humanity homes across Colorado and buyers to get great quality and lower cost. The inmates in the program learn valuable job skills which will help them obtain gainful employment upon release that will pay them a livable wage and ultimately help them avoid re-offending in the future.  Participants in WeBuild can receive professional certifications for cabinet making, blueprint reading, and wood truss building.


Installed and ready for cushions.


For our bench-style cabinets, we worked with our local ReStore expert, Ron Acee, to custom design our cabinet. He helped us to get the right measurements, select the paint, wood, and finishes, and ensure we were getting exactly what we needed. What’s more, is that not only did we receive beautiful custom cabinets for our home, we paid almost half of what we were quoted by retail operations, we also were proud to generate revenue to help our local Habitat build homes for our community. In addition, we were happy to support a program that aims to help inmates learn a marketable trade, enabling them to find employment upon their release. It’s what we like to call a win-win-win – even our dogs like them!


Even the dogs love them!


This blog was written by Sydney Schalit, a frequent shopper of the Habitat Roaring Fork Valley ReStore and Habitat for Humanity Roaring Fork Valley volunteer. This was written from her perspective as a shopper and happy customer of the WeBuild program and was unsolicited.

For more information on how to begin the process of ordering custom cabinets for your home or office, please email or call Ron Acee WeBuildCabinets@HabitatRoaringFork.org (970) 456-5575

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